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How the ETAI works

The Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence (ETAI) has pioneered a new view of how scientific results may be communicated. Traditional scientific journals are organized to fit the paper-and-print technology; ETAI is organized to make the best use of Internet technology. The following are the characteristic features of ETAI
  • It provides a process for open discussion about articles and feedback to authors before an article is accepted. This discussion is shown and preserved on the ETAI website, and participants in the discussion are not anonymous.
  • Unlike some other journals that use open reviewing, ETAI combines open discussion about the article with subsequent confidential refereeing of the article where it is decided whether or not to accept the article to the journal.
  • Besides posting accepted articles and all discussions about articles (whether they were eventually accepted or not), the ETAI website also contains other kinds of information items that contribute to, or result from the research process.
  • All information on the ETAI website are open access: they can be accessed by anyone free of charge, and will remain so. The copyright of ETAI published articles remains with the author, and authors agree contractually that their papers participate in this open access system.
  • Since there are no subscription fees, ETAI is not under obligation to publish a certain number of pages per year. If more articles are accepted one year, more will be published and without any publishing delay; if fewer are acceptable then fewer will be accepted so quality is not compromised. Variations in annual volume size are natural in our system and are allowed to happen.


Latest update: 31.5.2006