Author Section

Deciding to submit your article to the ETAI

The following is what you need to think about when you consider submitting an article to the ETAI.

  1. Is there an ETAI area where the article belongs? If not, we can not receive it, sorry. (This is because the idea of on-line public review discussion with peers in the same speciality is a core idea in ETAI, and these discussions are organized within the areas).

  2. Are you convinced that the article is ready for publication? Please remember that it's not like in a conventional journal or conference, where you can always send in an article to see what happens. Here, the article is published at the beginning of the review process, so you can't retract it. It will stay with you forever.

  3. Does the article convey distinct new results, or a solid argument for a new approach in its area of research? A good test in the former case is that you can write a summary of two-three pages specifying in concise form what the new results are. A minimal requirement for an "argument for approach" type of paper is that the approach is indeed new, that you have described both it and its known alternatives in concise form in the paper, and that you have a good argument why your approach is a superior one. (If your paper does not belong to either of these two categories, then you run a clear risk of nonacceptance).

If the answer to each of these three questions is Yes, then it is very appropriate to submit the article to the ETAI. If you should still wonder whether it is a good idea to do so, then please click for arguments in favor of publishing in the ETAI.

Latest update: 9.2.1999; Position code: C.etai.authors.decide.