Author Section

Revising the Article

After the open review period, you have an option to modify the article in order to use the feedback that has been obtained from the discussion. Please consult the material under the "Format" item in the menue for information about correct formatting of the revised article.

In some cases there may also be feedback from the anonymous referees that motivate changes in the article. This is a bit contrary to the spirit of the ETAI review scheme, since ideally the feedback should be obtained in the open discussion, and the referees should only pass or fail the article. However we are not dogmatic about it, so feedback from referees and post-refereeing revision is also acceptable.

All revisions should be restricted to pedagogical improvements that make the results easier to understand. Improvements of the results must not be included in the article revision process, since this would invalidate the dating of the article. (Remember that articles are consistently dated by the date of first publication of the original version of the article). Instead, new results should be added in new articles or research notes.

In the case of post-refereeing revision, the revised article is only referred to the referees and not to an additional open review process, provided of course that the revision is restricted to pedagogical improvements as just described.

Latest update: 9.2.1999; Position code: C.etai.authors.revise.