Author Section

Submitting your article to the ETAI

When the paper has been made available on-line, send a message to the appropriate ETAI area editor, specify that you want to submit the article to his/her ETAI area, and give the article's URL for reference. Also enclose the article's abstract, preferably in plaintext or HTML form. The abstract ought to be "glued" into the message; please don't use attachments.

For articles that are relatively long and/or have quite technical contents, we strongly recommend to also submit a summary of the article. The summary shall be more concrete and detailed than a conventional abstract; two to three journal pages are usually adquate. It shall specify in crisp terms what are the new results that are presented in the article.

The area editor and the ETAI secretariat will then cooperate to make the following arrangements:

  • A review protocol page (RPP) is set up for your article. All contributions to the discussion about the article will be included in the RPP.

  • A message goes out to the peer community, informing them that your article has been submitted, and inviting them to send in questions and comments.

  • In some cases, the area editor will ask one or a few peers to initiate the open discussion: they are then invited reviewers.

Please take a look at the present review discussions to see how this has worked for previously submitted articles.

Latest update: 9.2.1999; Position code: C.etai.authors.submit.